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Michael’s story

“My retirement targets were exceeded & I still have a bit invested that I don’t need to rely on”

Seeking support

Although I knew a bit about investments I couldn’t be sure if the policies I’d invested into were in the right place to give me the best results when I retired, and to be honest, I was worried about my money having only recently recovered from a market crash.

I’d seen a few financial advisers and none of them seemed to know what to do with me, they only seemed interested in selling me a new policy, which I didn’t think I needed. Then I saw an article in the Financial Mail on Sunday featuring Elaine on the front page, and when I contacted her she agreed to a free first meeting.

A clear plan

We discussed what my goals were, what lifestyle I wanted to enjoy, the income I needed and how I could sustain this in retirement. We agreed on a financial plan that took into account all of my assets, including my ISA’s, my employers pension and private pensions and the state pension too. This enabled me to see how my finances would look in four years time – and thereafter. This financial plan took into account all factors, including the realistic amount I needed to be able to retire in comfort – something I didn’t really know until I saw this.

The forecast indicated that I was on track to achieve my objectives as long as I keep up my current savings. Elaine explained that because I was on track I could start protecting what I’d already built up and she recommended adjustments to some of my policies to get them in better shape ready for me to draw on when I retired.

Consistent service

We met regularly to adjust my plan and guess what? My retirement targets were exceeded & I still have a bit invested that I don’t need to rely on, it’s there ‘just in case’ and Grosvenor Birch never misses inviting me in for my regular review.

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